Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Valentine's Day came and went. My sweet boyfriend took Sophie and me to a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant and then Sophie wanted to meet some friends to see a movie. Ernie and I decided to go see the Lego Movie - Everything is Awesome! It was very clever. Go see it if you haven't already. The Master Builders of Legos are pretty amazing. What a job they have! I just read an article yesterday and they described a day in their job life - how cool would it be to just create things out of legos all day?Sophie was supposed to be seeing that as well but they ended up seeing Monuments Men - she said it was really good.

On Sunday Ernie and I went to the Cortez Heritage Commercial Fishing Festival. We were there early so we were able to enjoy some nature before it got too crowded. It was a beautiful Florida morning! Just a little crisp and the sun shining on our faces. Just gorgeous!

White pelicans on vacation
Pelicans on parade

The Cortez school house was built in 1912 and in 1921 when a hurricane struck it was where the people of the fishing village sought refuge. They closed the school in 1961 and a weaver and artist by the name of Robert Sailors bought it. He added this "secret garden" and waterfall. It was actually much prettier in person! The building was always the center of the community and Robert would still hold the annual Cortez Native picnic on his lawn and still invited entertainment to perform for the community at his home. The county purchased the property after he died and renovated it and turned it into the Maritime Museum in 2006. It is still used as a community center of sorts and holds community gatherings and has a small library tucked inside. 

All in all it was a beautiful day. I am so blessed to live in Florida with it's sunshine a turquoise waters. It was really fun to see a little glimpse of a fishing villages history and get out and enjoy nature, good food, people watch, and check out a little bit of art too.

Screech Owl! He was playing with a cat toy mouse.
Beautiful Gulf Coast!

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