Sunday, February 2, 2014

APQ Quilt Along

Well, yesterday was a sewing day for sure. Kind of anyway. Friday night I finished my first block from the APQ Quilt Along. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. It is very busy for sure. I have been hoarding saving this kokeshi (doll) fabric since 2002 and I have quite a bit of it along with some sushi fabric. So I thought I would finally cut into it and use it as the large rectangles in the center of each block. Definitely  NOT low volume like it was supposed to be. I am going to keep going at the urging of a new friend and see if they get better as I go.

The Pattern and Fabric Stash

The First Block...

After the first block I decided it needed some softening up. I will use oranges, pinks, and a dark yellow for all of the "X"s and dark turquoise and this lighter one below for the rings. All the middles will be the X colors and the light turquoise chevron print that you can't see in these pictures.

The Second Block...

Scrappy Togetherness…

It's the beginning of a new month and I have 2 BOM's to do and now this one that I want to finish cutting. This Friday is PMS (pizza, munchies, sewing) night at Cotton Patch Quilt Shop and I am going with my new friend, Jaden, from Steamy Kitchen. Good thing my little machine is back from the doctor's and working better than ever. I better get cutting so I have something to do!


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