Friday, May 23, 2014

Lots to update!

Oh goodness where do I even begin? Life is traveling at high speed and it is so hard to keep up most days! SO, I will do a quick life in pictures to help catch up...where should I start? Oh - how about Anniversary/Mother's Day weekend.

Ernie and I celebrated our anniversary with a Blues Brothers concert at Taste of Pinellas in St. Pete. It was beautiful out!! Sunny and not too hot. I knew Ernie would have his fancy camera and spend most of the time wandering around taking lots of great pictures so I brought my paper piecing and a quilt to sit on in the grass. Perfect day for it! Although I am pretty sure I was the only one sewing while watching KC and the Sunshine Band dance their booties off.

Sophie and Ernie brought me to Starbucks for Mother's Day so Sophie could buy me a Chai Latte. I love this kid.

We went to lunch at Salty Dog and watched people across the water playing and boating. We decided we should head over to check out the park as tide would be heading out in an hour. We are so lucky to live here. There is beauty everywhere we go...

Last weekend was Sophie's Spring Concert and then her Semi-formal was the following evening. A fun night of awards, food, and friends. Plus it was an excuse to get dressed up and pretend we are fancy people.

One last thing...I tackled this intimidating Lucky Stars BOM last week. I just love this series by don't call me betsy. It is just a skill building thing for me because they certainly are not perfect! I may try these again in another color way as a gift. They are so pretty and just seem to sparkle! 

Ok there is SOOOOoo much more that I have to say but it's time to get ready for the day...stay tuned for a recap of this weekend (I am going to meet the amazing Carolyn Friedlander!!) I can hardly wait.
Are any of you out there doing the schnitzel and boo mini swap? Have you started your quilts?

Happy Friday!

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