Thursday, April 3, 2014

What a week!

And it's only Thursday. My job is supposed to be 9-5:30 but it has been 9-6 or 6:30 with no lunch nearly every day for oh…maybe a year? Lately it has been until 7. This is along with a nearly nightly text or 3 from my boss during my family's dinner time. I've had enough I think. Soooo, rather than complain about it on social media and the universe…I need to change it.

I passed my real estate final and will take the State exam after our Season so that I will have my Florida Real Estate license. I do love homes and the ins and outs of real estate. BUT I will need a supplemental income because there will be no more salary or wages for the time I spend working. Plus creating and sewing is my real passion. I'm starting an Etsy store to start with…baby quilts, table runners, modern quilty wall hangings and such. There are a few stores around us that sell local handmade goods as well and I will look into that.

This is the first one that I have started! I love the fabric colors so much! The back of this one is yellow minky. So soft and sweet. I will quilt it this week/weekend and hopefully will have it in my new shop by Monday!
Sophie modeling the baby quilt. Say hi to Sophie ya'll!


Of course there was scrappy goodness left over and what else would I do with it but make bunting? This was my practice run and I'm keeping it because it is so sweet and goes with my want-to-be hippie beach house. I'll make sure to post when the new store is up and running. Name is still in the works!

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