Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

What a great day!! Right now I am bubbling over with happiness. Well, as bubbly as I can be since I'm fighting some bug that is trying to take over my body. Anyway…I went to the Modern Quilt Guild meeting today, which I was excited about anyway, and they were having a free-motion quilting workshop. At the beginning a lady with converse type sneakers snuck in and started setting up at the front. I thought "she looks cool - I like her style - this should be interesting!" I paid my dues and was wandering around and started flipping through the cool looking lady's book…a quilt in it looked familiar, hey! So did the next one! Wait a minute…it turns out it was Elizabeth Dackson! I follow her blog Don't Call Me Betsy. She is super amazing and lives right here in Tampa. She invited me to her guild meetings in Tampa and I would love to try to make it out there. Her's are on Saturday too so we'll see. THEN, another awesome looking lady came in and sat near me. She is new to sewing but LOVES to cook and has chickens (ahem…Ernie…she has chickens!! I want chickens…) This awesome lady is Jaden from Steamy Kitchen. She loves to cook which is amazing because I love to eat…and cook a little myself. She lives here in Sarasota and wants to go to the Tampa meetings too and then go out for dinner afterwards. I am so happy right now. After living in Florida for almost 3 years I feel like I have finally found my niche. I have a wonderful boyfriend, I'm finally making girlfriends and finally making a life for myself and for Sophie here. 

Oh, and I learned some tricks to free-motion quilting to top it all off :) 


  1. I am excited for you. maybe I could meet you there sometime

    1. That would be fun! I will let you know when they meet when I find out.

  2. That would be fun! I will let you know when they meet when I find out.