Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post Christmas Not So Blues

Well, Christmas has come and gone but this year there were no blues. Yes, Ernie and I had to go back to work the next day and yes, Sophie was able to stay home and enjoy more of her Winter break from school but it still feels Christmas-ish to me. This was our 3rd Christmas here in Florida and it was an overcast day but it was 81 degrees yesterday afternoon. We spent Christmas with Ernie's family and ended it with mine and I guess I am still relaxed at heart knowing that there are people in my life to love.

I think my favorite thing this time of year is seeing the Amish girls all lined up in their bright solid colored dresses with their crisp white bonnets and sun kissed skin and sandy bare feet waiting for the bus after a day at the beach. Even though there is NO parking by my office, everyone is so happy and there are large groups of families greeting each other while waiting for seats at the local restaurants that it makes everything ok. It's just a short time period and everyone will be back to their normal routine in another week or so. I tell myself to let them enjoy each other and just allow more time to find parking!

This is what I was working on up until Christmas:

I made it for one of Sophie's Aunts back in Texas. I found the pattern in Modern Patchwork's Winter 2014 issue. Here's the link if you want to check it out
I'm working on another pattern out of the same issue for Sophie's other Aunt. It will just have to be a New Year's gift :) 

Off to get ready for the day! 

Cheers <3

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